Thursday, March 1, 2018

Women's History Month: 6 Books about Women Artists in the 18th-Century

Continuing last year's tradition, in honor of Women's History Month, I will be posting (almost) every day in March about something related to women's history, in particular women's history related to the 18th century and 18th-19th century France. I hope that there will be something for everyone this month--please enjoy!

6 (More) Books about Women Artists in the 18th-Century 

The 18th-century saw a significant rise in women artists who were--not always without contention--becoming more prominent in both artistic, social and even political circles. From royal portraitists to prolific still-life painters, 18th-century women artists left an undeniable mark on the era. The following are 6 (more) books about women artists in the 18th century to read and enjoy!

Eighteenth Century Women Artists: Their Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs by Caroline Chapman

Miss Angel: The Art and World of Angelica Kauffman, Eighteenth-Century Icon by Angelica Goodden

Women Artists of the Eighteenth Century in France by Sara Gibbs Boush

Defiance: The Extraordinary Life of Lady Anne Barnard
by Stephen Taylor

The Exceptional Woman: Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun and the Cultural Politics of Art by Mary D. Sheriff

Marguerite GĂ©rard, 1761-1837 by Sally Wells-Robertson

For even more books, check out last year's list of 8 books related to 18th-century women artists.

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