Wednesday, January 18, 2017

3 Depictions of Louis XVI and Antoine-Augustin Parmentier

Three depictions of Louis XVI and the royal family meeting with Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, best known for his significant work towards gaining French acceptance of the potato as a safe and edible food source. Part of Parmentier's efforts included vying for the support of the royal family and in 1789, Parmentier's 'Treatise on the Culture and Use of the Potato, Sweet Potato, and Jerusalem Artichoke' was published with the approval of Louis XVI.

 A painting by Henri Gervex depicting Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette visiting Parmentier at his potato fields, 1904.

Parmentier presenting a bouquet of potato flowers to Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. 1901 Petit Journal illustration.

Parmentier presenting the potato to the royal family by Albert Chereau. Unknown date.

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