Thursday, January 12, 2017

Recent and Upcoming Book Releases

Recent Releases in Non-Fiction

Marie Antoinette's Darkest Days: Prisoner No. 280 in the Conciergerie by Will Bashor [December 2016]

An examination of the last months of Marie Antoinette, prisoner of the Conciergerie, as told through eyewitness accounts and other records of the queen's final weeks.

Upcoming Non-Fiction Releases

Marie Antoinette’s Confidante: The Rise and Fall of the Princesse de Lamballe by Geri Walton [February 2017] 

A new biography of the princesse de Lamballe, confidant of Marie Antoinette whose closeness to the queen of France would lead to her eventual death as a victim of the September Massacres. 

Versailles by Pierre Arizzoli-Clémentel [March 2017]

An extensive volume detailing the history of Versailles from its early days as a royal hunting lodge to its present existence as a national treasure, complemented by 500 paintings, photographs, prints, and other illustrations.  

How the French Saved America: Soldiers, Sailors, Diplomats, Louis XVI, and the Success of a Revolution by Tom Shactman [September 2017]

No official synopsis available yet, but I think the title is pretty self explanatory! 

Upcoming Fiction Releases

The Enemies of Versailles: A Novel by Sally Christie [March 2017]

The final installment of Christie's 'Mistresses of Versailles' trilogy tells the story of Madame du Barry's rise and fall at the court of Versailles, as the winds of revolution draw ever closer to the inhabitants of Europe's most opulent palace.

The Wardrobe Mistress: A Novel of Marie Antoinette by Meghan Masterson [June 2017]

Set in before and during the French Revolution, 'The Wardrobe Mistress' is centered around a young woman named Giselle Aubry, who becomes a trusted servant of Marie Antoinette and finds herself wound up in events that will test where her true loyalty lies.

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