Saturday, February 14, 2015

Historiae Fragrance Review: Jardin de le Notre, Orangerie du Roy, Violette Imperiale.

Historiae is a French fragrance company that offers several fragrances inspired by French history. Their line includes scented soaps, home sprays, candles and--of course--perfumes. I previously reviewed samples of three other perfumes in their line (read here) and earlier this month I picked up three more scents from the company.

Jardin de le Notre

 Jardin de le Notre, created in partnership with the Domain of Chantilly, was created to celebrate the 400-year anniversary of Andre le Notre's birth and is described as a 'poetic ballad through Le Notre's gardens."

Like Historiae's "Hameau de la Reine," as Jardin de le Notre develops there is a sense of walking through different parts of a vast garden estate. Jardin de le Notre opens with a very light and fresh green smell, like a crisp morning grass, which slowly develops into a woodsy, musk scent with a hint of flowers somewhere in the distance. Jardin de la Notre was a bit too peppery and musky on me after a while, but if you like a heavier garden scent that isn't too flowery, it's a great option!

Head: Green leaves, Green accord, dewdrop, Tulip, pink pepper extract
Heart: Narcissus absolute, Hyacinth, water jasmine, rose, Lily of the valley, gardenia
Deep: Marine notes, musk, white cedarwood, vetiver oil, patchouli oil

Orangerie Du Roy

Orange blossom was one of the favored scents at the court of Versailles, and was especially favored by Louis XIV. 

Orangerie Du Roy is a celebration of the king's love for orange blossom, and combines the brightness of orange blossom with an undercurrent of heady musk. The result is what I would deem a "regal orange blossom." When I first dabbed a sample on, I was a bit disappointed because the only scent really coming through was a bright, simple orange blossom with a hint of lemon. But after a few minutes the fragrance developed into something more complex. The lingering deep notes of thyme and patchouli keep it grounded and give it a richer composition, something closer to a richer orange blossom that Louis XIV may have liked. Like Jardin de le Notre, it was a bit too much for me (the thyme does me in every time!) but if you're looking for a regal perfume that calls to mind the old court of Versailles, Orangerie du Roy will take you there!

Head: Lemon, sweet orange, petit grain, basil, Pearmint, bergamot
Heart: Orange blossom, ylang ylang, honeysuckle, lavender, thyme, mock orange
Deep: Patchouli, vetiver, oak moss, musk

Violette Imperiale

Violette Imperiale is meant to recall splendor of the Second Empire; the scent's key note, violet, was inspired by Empress Eugénie , the wife of Napoleon III, who favored the flowers.

The best way to describe Violette Imperialle would be "Royal Raspberry." I was expecting violet to be the strongest scent but to me, the note at the forefront is undeniably raspberry. What I found wonderful about this scent was its great balance of more youthful notes (fruits, vanilla) with the elegant florals. It isn't heady or musky like some perfumes with violet notes--and it's not overbearingly sweet like some gourmand perfumes. It made me think of plump red raspberries in a porcelain bowl, surrounded by iris and violet flowers, with just a hint of orange and vanilla bean in the air. It has better longevity than the other Historiae scents I've tried as well, which is another plus. I am definitely going to save my pennies and pick up a full bottle!

Head: Orange, blackcurrant, peach
Heart: Violet, iris, raspberry
Deep: Vanilla, musk, amber, vetiver, sandalwood

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