Monday, March 7, 2011

Giveaway: Farewell My Queen by Chantal Thomas

Farewell My Queen Giveaway!

What better way to celebrate the upcoming film adaptation of Les Adieux à la reine than to host a giveaway of the book! This giveaway is for the English translation of the novel, Farewell My Queen by Chantal Thomas.

As revolution rages outside the palace walls, inside the court of Versailles--the court of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI--denial reigns before giving way to alarm, which in turn degenerates into panic and chaos. Thomas spins the familiar events of the 1789 French Revolution into a compelling novel, with the central character less the famously ill-fated queen than the insular and ritualized society of the palace. The story is told by a woman looking back 30 years, to when it was her job to read books aloud to Marie Antoinette. Her status as courtier makes her the best kind of narrator--at once an insider and an observer of the royals. She describes the final days before revolution engulfs the palace with insight and surprising slices of humor. Some passages read almost like satire, as the indulged inhabitants of Versailles cling to the privileges that have defined their now-threatened lives--royals are reluctant to leave the palace without proper traveling attire, courtiers try to flee while lugging heavy possessions. Thomas' formidable skills as a researcher give the book authenticity, and her keen eye for human behavior and talent for storytelling make it sing.
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Giveaway Information for Tumblr and Blogspot:

The prize will be a gently used paperback copy of Farewell My Queen by Chantal Thomas.

This giveaway is open to readers within the USA and living internationally, provided they are users of Blogspot or Tumblr. The winner will be chosen using

To Enter:

There are two ways to enter, and and each way includes a chance to increase your odds of winning!

Note: Only logged-in entries will be considered valid, please do not enter without logging into your blogspot or tumblr account. If you are posting about this giveaway to ensure another entry, please include the link when you fill out the form.

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The contest ends March 13th at 11 pm EST. The winner will be chosen and announced on both of my blogs on March 14th.

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