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Upcoming Fiction and Non-Fiction Books to Look For in 2020

Due to some personal events I've fallen behind on my book reviews for this year, but as I work on catching up to review the books still waiting on my shelf, I've started a collection of some notable fiction and non-fiction books that I think readers of this blog will enjoy in the coming year. This is by no means a comprehensive list, as I mostly working on what is showing up for me on Amazon, and I will update periodically when new books are added.

If you have any books you think would work well on this list, please feel free to comment or send them to my email.

Fiction Books

In the Shadow of the Sun by EM Castellan [February 2020]

A YA historical fantasy book set in the 17th century; in 17th century France, Louis XIV enlists the help of the magic-wielding Henriette of England to help defeat a dark force threatening the king's authority and his desire to build a new palace as the seat of France's power: Versailles.

The Rose of Versailles by Ryoko Ikeda (Volumes 1-3) [Various dates, 2020]

The much-anticipated English translation of Ryoko Ikeda's 'The Rose of Versailles' is set for publication in 2020. The series will be released as 3 omnibus volumes. Volume 1 is due for publication in January 2020, Volume 2 in February 2020 and Volume 3 will be released in May 2020.


Death and the crown: Ritual and politics in France before the Revolution by Anne Byrne [March 2020]

A study of several significant ceremonial royal events in pre-revolutionary France, including the deathbed and funeral of Louis XV, the lit de justice held in November 1774, and the coronation of Louis XVI in 1775.

The Creation of the French Royal Mistress: From Agnès Sorel to Madame Du Barry by Tracy Adams and Christine Adams [May 2020]

A look at the historical development of the French mistress, a unique position which took on an entirely different political and social role than other European royal mistresses.

The Last Libertines by Benedetta Craveri [April 2020]

A book detailing the lives of a group of the "last libertines," as Craveri deems the group of aristocrats who embodied a unique way of life that walked the line between enjoying a life based on privilege while embracing Enlightenment ideals of social change and justice.

The Candle and the Guillotine: Revolution and Justice in Lyon, 1789–93 by Julie Patricia Johnson [May 2020]

A study of the revolutionary and political events that shaped the history, and ultimately the civil war, of Lyon during the revolution's formative years.

Versailles: My father's Castle by  Maïte Labat, Jean-Baptiste Veber and Alexis Vitrebert (Illustrator) [June 2020]

An illustrated historical biography based on the life of Henri de Nolhac, the son of the famous Pierre de Nolhac, who was one of the most important figures in the restoration of Versailles during the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Life in Revolutionary France edited by Mette Harder and Jennifer Ngaire Heuer [September 2020]

A collection of essays from international academics and scholars on many different facets--social, political, environmental and more--of life in revolutionary France.

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