Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Inspired Tuesday: Papo "Marie Antoinette" figurine

Inspired Tuesday: a day to share anything and everything inspired by Marie Antoinette and her world.

[image: via Amazon]

Papo is a toy company that has been offering children's toys for almost 3 decades. Their product range is extensive and includes everything from kits to board games and just about anything you could imagine in between. Their figurines are a particularly popular item, and for several years they have been releasing figurines based on a variety of historical figures. Their historical figurines are a particularly popular item to stock at museum and historical building gift shops, but they can be found online as well.

One of Papo's mainstay figurines in their historical series is this figurine of Marie Antoinette; she wears a light blue gown similar to those found in portraits of upper class and royal women in her age, complete with gold details and an iconic rose in her hand.  She would look great on a shelf--or wrapped up as a Christmas gift for a younger relative!

Are there any special historical people you wish Papo would represent in their figurine series?

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