Tuesday, February 12, 2019

New and Upcoming Book Releases

A selection of new and upcoming book releases. Enjoy!


Marguerite Gerard: 1761-1837 by Carole Blumenfeld [Gourcuff Gradenigo, December 2018]

Fighting the French Revolution: The Great Vendée Rising of 1793 by Rob Harper [Pen and Sword Military, January 2019]

General Sir Ralph Abercromby and the French Revolutionary Wars 1792–1801 by Carole Divall [Pen and Sword Military, January 2019]

Politics and Portraits in the United States and France during the Age of Revolution by T. Lawrence Larkin [Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, February 2019]

The Army of the French Revolution: From Citizen-Soldiers to Instrument of Power by Jean Paul Bertaud, translated by R. R. Palmer [Princeton University Press, February 2019]

Boilly: Scenes of Parisian Life by Francesca Whitlum-Cooper [National Gallery London, March 2019]

Louis XIV: The Power and the Glory by Josephine Wilkinson [Pegasus Books, March 2019]

Making Space for the Dead: Catacombs, Cemeteries, and the Reimagining of Paris, 1780–1830 by Erin-Marie Legacey [Cornell University Press, April 2019]

French Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art: From the Early Eighteenth Century through the Revolution by Katharine Baetjer [Metropolitan Museum of Art, April 2019]

In Search of Marie-Antoinette in the 1930s: Stefan Zweig, Irving Thalberg, and Norma Shearer by T. Lawrence Larkin [Palgrave Macmillan, May 2019]


Enchantée by Gita Trelease [Flatiron Books, Feburary 2019]

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