Sunday, February 3, 2019

Museum Sunday: A nightlight owned by the duchesse d'Angoulême

Museum Sunday: a day for highlighting objects, books, and other items from the collections and lives of Marie Antoinette and her contemporaries.

 [image credit: Chez Osenat, via]]

This Sèvres vase-style veilleuse (a type of night light) depicts the pavilion de Breteuil, an estate which had by the time of the painting been integrated into the Chateau de Saint-Cloud. The pavilion de Breteuil was reintegrated into the over-arching estate of the chateau de Saint-Cloud in 1793, when the original owner's property was declared property of the state. This particular veilleuse was purchased on October 2nd, 1822 by the duchesse d'Angoulême for 400 francs. 

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