Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Book Review: Mindful Beauty by Estelle Lefébure

 [A review copy was sent to me by the publisher.]
In Mindful Beauty: How to Look Great and Feel Great in Every Season, former supermodel Estelle Lefébure offers a series of recipes, tips, thoughts and ideas for keeping yourself healthy and happy during every season of the year.

The book is organized by season (spring, summer, Indian summer, autumn and winter) and each season features various recipes, tips, lists, guides and more tailored for the weather, season and health issues that may pop up during that time. For instance, the book includes a body scrub recipe for springtime, a recipe for a protective mask designed to help nourish your skin during the hot summer months, a yummy baked apple recipe for the fall and a descriptive guide to an exercise tailored for the colder winter months. Sprinkled throughout the book are inspirational quotes, along with helpful hints and tips regarding what fruits and vegetables are in season at the market, exercise tips for different seasons, facial masks and beauty treatments for the changing weather, and helpful hints regarding topics such as nutrition, meditation, relaxation, and various other types of life advice.

Mindful Beauty: How to Look Great and Feel Great in Every Season reminds me of a naturalistic self-care magazine issue, without the unnecessary filler and advertisements. I will definitely be incorporating some of Estelle's tips and recipes in the upcoming year! I recommend this book if you are looking for a short but worthwhile wellness book to browse through when you're looking for small ways to improve your seasonal routines.

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