Sunday, October 23, 2016

From the Library of Marie Antoinette: Caroline, or the Diversities of Fortune

Today's Book: Caroline, or the Diversities of Fortune

Title: Caroline, or the Diversities of Fortune (French title: Caroline, ou les Vicissitudes de la fortune)

Author: Anne Hughes (unknown birth and death dates)

Publication: Originally published in English in 1787 in three volumes. Published in France in 1788.

Notes: A novel about a young lady named Caroline who finds herself in a difficult position after her father dies; having no one, since her mother died at birth, she travels from place to place hoping to find refuge with relatives, constantly at odds with her own fortune.

The book was mentioned in the 1787 Monthly Review as a "pleasing and well-wrought story" with a sound moral for young women regarding the importance of arming yourself with virtue and fortitude because, to quote the work, "She who has that, is clad in complete steel[.]"

Where you can read it: The original English version can be read at the Chawton House Library.

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