Saturday, November 21, 2015

Merry Antoinette: A Marie Antoinette Holiday Gift Guide for 2015

It's that time of year! For this year's Marie Antoinette 'Merry Antoinette' Holiday Gift Guide, I've compiled a selection of gifts in a variety of price ranges for any gift shopping budget. You'll be sure to find the perfect 'Marie Antoinette' gift for that special someone in your life!

Under $200

 Rêve de la Reine perfume from Arty Fragrance (€119.00)
Available from Arty Fragrance

 Fashion Plates: 150 Years of Style ($150.00)
Available from Amazon.

Under $100

Marie Antoinette hand-painted lacquer brooch ($85.00)
Available from tanyaHPSrus

Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI salt and pepper shakes ($90.00)
Available from WonderAnn. 

 Hameau de la Reine Eau du Toilette ($59.55)
Available from Fragrance & Art.

Under $50 

 Marie Antoinette necklace and earring set ($40.00)
Available from DragonPipes.

 'Chateau de Versailles: Marie Antoinette' scented candle (€49.17)
Available from the Chateau de Versailles boutique. 

 18th Century Boxed Starter set ($40.00)
Available from LBCC Historical.

 A Day at Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte ($34.95)
Availbale from Amazon.


Replica of a 1785 'Queen's House' token. (€25.00)
Available from the Chateau de Versailles boutique.

A Day with Marie Antoinette by Hélène Delalex ($34.95)
Available from Amazon.

 Marie Antoinette inspired lollipops ($30.00)
Available from asecretforest.

Under $25

Marie Antoinette 8x10 art print ($24.00)
Available from Rifle Paper Co.  

The fabulous destiny of Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun docudrama DVD (€19.90)Available from Boutiques de Musée

 Marie Antoinette 12-piece chocolate collection ($24.00)
Available from Jacek Chocolate Couture.

 Marie Antoinette 10x7 art print by Maëlle Rajoelisolo ($19.76)
Available from Society6.

Marie Antoinette cookie cutter set ($12.04)
Available from Printmeneer. 

Marie Antoinette, reine de France Blu-Ray (All Region) (€20.06)
Avaiblale from Amazon France

Under $10    

Who Was Marie Antoinette? by Dana Meachen Rau ($5.99)
Available from Amazon.
Marie Antoinette Nail Set ($5.00)
Available from tempusfugit

 Marie Antoinette dollhouse plate ($3.71)
Available from ALavenderDilly.

Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun hand mirror (€5.42)
Available from the Chateau de Versailles boutique.

 Marie Antoinette greeting card ($4.50)
Available from Oh, Little Rabbit.

 Le salon de musique de Marie-Antoinette (Digital Album) ($8.99)
Avaiblale from Amazon.

 Marie Antoinette art print ($2.00)
Available from IsabellaDiSclafani
Marie Antoinette music box (€6.67)

'Marie Antoinette's Perfumer' Lavender Sachet ($5.00)
Available from LBCC Historical.

Marie Antoinette 6x4 print ($6.24)
Available from velvetwolves

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