Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brief Book Recommendations: Caricatures in the French Revolution

The Wicked Queen: The Origins of the Myth of Marie Antoinette by Chantal Thomas

An exploration of how Marie Antoinette's public image transformed from a compassionate angelic dauphine to a bloodthirsty, evil, Austrian monster. Illustrated throughout and includes some translations of printed libels.

Taking Liberties: Satirical Prints of the French Revolution by Jean Paul Pitton

The album for a 1989 French exhibition showcases a wide variety of Satirical Prints from the revolutionary period, featuring illustrations (some in color) and a brief study of revolutionary caricature.

French Caricature and the French Revolution, 1789 - 1799 by James Cuno

A study on French Revolution caricatures, published in conjunction with a 1989 California exhibition on the French Revolution. Illustrations are primarily b&w.

Symbol and Satire in the French Revolution by Ernest F. Henderson

A text heavy work discussing the impact of symbolism and satire, as used in caricatures, during the French Revolution. This book is public domain.

Face a face: French and English caricatures of the French Revolution and its aftermath by James A. Leith

Another book which coincided with a 1989 exhibition, this book is dedicated both to French and English caricatures depicting the French Revolution. A nice comparison of how the French represented themselves and how the English represented the French.

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