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Marie Antoinette

Maria Antoinette by John S.C. Abbott

A general biography of her life, with a brief afterword discussing the fate of her children and closet relations.

Marie Antoinette and the end of the old regime
by Imbert de Saint-Amand

Account of Marie Antoinette from the birth of the dauphin to the royal family's removal from Versailles.

Marie Antoinette by Hilaire Belloc

"Belloc's work spans from her birth to her trial and conviction for blocking the efforts at establishing a French democracy, the result of which ends with her tragic death on the guillotine. Belloc's work is an interesting and historical look at an important time for the country of France as seen through the life of its last Queen."

Marie Antoinette by Alice Birkhead

A simple, general biography aimed at younger readers.

The Last Days of Marie Antoinette: An Historical Sketch by Ronald Sutherland Gower

The final weeks of Marie Antoinette's life in the Conciergerie prison.

The Last Days of Marie Antoinette by G. Lenotre

Recounting Marie Antoinette's final days - from her stay in the Temple Prison to her execution, and the rediscovery and exhumation of her remains. This book also includes various narratives, including those of eyewitnesses and guards, as well as related illustrations.

The life of Marie Antoinette by Maxime de La Rocheterie

The author was originally commissioned to write a review of the correspondence between Mercy and Maria Theresa, he went on to research the life of the queen.

Marie Antoinette by Clara Tschudi (1898)

Translated from Norweigan, this biography examines her life, both her youthful frivolity and determined strength in her final years. "Her life falls into two sharply defined portions: twenty years of triumph, which cost her five years of martyrdom."

Marie Antoinette: The woman and the queen by Sarah Tytler

A generally sympathetic biography of the queen, discussing both her private and public life. The book also briefly discusses the fate of the remaining family in the Temple Tower.

The Life of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France by Charles Duke Yonge

A prose-heavy, sympathetic biography published in 1876, relying principally on collections of letters to describe the life of Marie Antoinette.

Marie-Antoinette, her early youth (1770-1774) by Lady Helene A.M. Younghusband

Regarding the early years of Marie Antoinette's departure from Austria and life as dauphine in France. Intended for general readers, as the author says, "who, taking a genuine interest in Marie-Antoinette and her surroundings, have neither leisure nor opportunity for seeking out and studying the best authorities."

The Diamond Necklace Affair

Marie Antoinette and the diamond necklace from another point of view by F. de Albini

An attempt at an impartial analysis of the Affair of the Necklace, by examining the character of the people involved.

The diamond necklace by Frantz Funck-Brenanto

An account of the diamond necklace affair.

Cagilostro and company: A sequel to the story of the diamond necklace
by Frantz Funck-Brentano

Rather than focusing on the queen, this book seeks to tell the stories and eventual fates of the other key players in the affair of the diamond necklace.

The story of the diamond necklace, told in detail for the first time, by the aid of contemporary memoirs, original letters, and official and other documents; and comprising a sketch of the life of the Countess de la Motte, pretended confidant of Marie-Antoinette, with particulars of the careers of the other actors in this remarkable drama (1881) by Henry Vizetelly

One of the first books detailing the affair of the diamond necklace.


The Duchess of Angouleme and the two restorations by Imbert de Saint-Amand

An account of the two restorations of monarchy in France, with a focus on the Duchess of Angouleme.

The Youth of the Duchess of Angouleme by Imbert de Saint Amand

An account of the youth of the Duchess of Angouleme (Marie Therese Charlotte) - both her captivity in the Temple until the end of their first exile from France.

Madame Royale, daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette: Her Youth and Marriage by Ernest Daudet

The life of Marie Therese Charlotte, with a focus on her imprisonment and life after the revolution.

A sister of Marie Antoinette: The life story of Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples
by Mary Catherine Bearne

The life of Marie Antoinette's favorite sister, Maria Carolina.

The Revolution

The flight of Marie Antoinette by G. Lenotre

From an author of many 18th century French historical books, this book recounts both Marie Antoinette's relationship to Axel Fersen and the flight to Varennes.

The sufferings of the royal family during the Revolution in France
by John Boyd Thacher

Told from various accounts, including eyewitness, this book details the royal family's lives from approximately 1789 until the 1790s, with the death of the king, queen, Madame Elisabeth, and the dauphin Louis Charles.

A Conspiracy Under Terror: Marie Antoinette, Toulan, Jarjayes by Paul Gaulot

A narrative describing three different attempts to save the royal family.

Marie Antoinette's Henchman: The career of Jean Baron de Batz in the French Revolution by Meade Minnigerode

"As to the existence of the conspiracy to defame and dissolve the convention, it cannot possibly be doubted ... at the head of this conspiracy as the Baron de Batz."

Marie Antoinette at the Tuileries, 1789-1791 by Imbert de Saint-Amand

Covering the years 1789 to 1791, while the royal family was living and eventually imprisoned in the Tuileries palace.

Marie Antoinette and the downfall of royalty by Imbert de Saint-Amand

In sequence with his two other "Marie Antoinette" accounts, this book covers the year 1792 to the proclamation of the republic. In addition, the book discusses the fate of Varennes during and after the revolution.

The trials of five queens: Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Mary queen of scots, Marie Antoinette, and Caroline of Brunswick
by R. Storry Deans

Accounts of various trials of queens, including various transcripts and details of the trials themselves.

Related Family/Friends/Other People

A Friend of the Queen: Marie Antoinette, Count Fersen by Paul Gaulot

The life of Axel Fersen, starting mainly from his introduction to the court of France.

A Friend of Marie Antoinette (Lady Atkyns) by Frederic Barbey

The author, after being accused of fabricating the story for a play, describes the life of a woman he claims tried to rescue Louis XVII from the Temple prison.

The Duc de Lauzun and the court of Marie Antoinette by Gaston Maugras

The life of the Duc de Lauzan as it relates to the court of Marie Antoinette, the revolution, and its aftermath.

The Celebrated Madame Campan: Lady in Waiting to Marie Antoinette and Confidante of Napoleon by Violette M. Montagu

The life of Madame Campan.

Rose Bertin, the creator of fashion at the court of Marie Antoinette by Emile Langlade

The story of the most infamous woman to create dresses for the queen.

Misc Compilation Books (where Marie Antoinette is mentioned among other women people)

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