Friday, May 21, 2010

Public Domain: Fiction

Marie Antoinette and her Son by Luise Muelbach

An historical fiction of Marie Antoinette and her son. The book begins: It was the 13th of August, 1785. The queen, Marie Antoinette, had at last yielded to the requests and protestations of her dear subjects. She had left her fair Versailles and loved Trianon for one day, and had gone to Paris, in order to exhibit herself and the young prince whom she had borne to the king and the country on the 25th of March, and to receive in the cathedral of Notre Dame the blessing of the clergy and the good wishes of the Parisians ...

Female heroism, a tragedy. In five acts. Founded on revolutionary events that occurred in France, in the summer and autumn of 1793 by Matthew West

A fictional account of various female revolutionary figures, including Marie Antoinette and Charlotte Corday.

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