Monday, March 22, 2021

Concerto per il cembalo; composed by Maria Teresa Agnesi (1720-1795)

Women's History Month: A month celebrating women of history! I will be posting media and book recommendations, highlighting women from (mostly) the 18th century, and otherwise sharing content with an emphasis on women in history.

Maria Teresa Agnesi Pinottini was an Italian composer and singer born in Milan to Pietro Agnesi. Her sister, known as Maria Gaetana Agnesi, was a noted mathematician and philosopher. Not much is known about Maria Teresa's personal life. In 1752, she married Pier Antonio Pinottini, but he died not very long after their marriage. Maria Teresa was a fairly prolific composer, but most of her compositions were lost to time. Her performances were more often praised outside her home town, with many foreign audiences praising her work; she was even able to count Empress Maria Theresa as one of her patrons.

She died in 1795 at age 75.

The above piece, Concerto per il cembalo, is one of her more well-known works.

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