Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Empress Eugénie as Marie Antoinette (Colorized)

Eugénie de Montijo, or Empress Eugénie, was fascinated by Marie Antoinette. Eugénie was an avid collector of memorabilia related to the late queen, which included books (she was said to particularly enjoy the works of G. Lenotre) as well as furniture and personal items belonging to Marie Antoinette. 

Eugénie also sought to bring back an interpretation of Louis XVI-era fashion (more on that in a later post!)--and she, unsurprisingly, chose Marie Antoinette as the figure of choice for a themed costume ball held at the Tuileries during her tenure as empress.

The below photograph of Eugénie dressed as Marie Antoinette has been colorized using DeOldify, an open source deep learning model which can add color to greyscale images and videos.

A colorized photograph of Empress Eugénie, dressed as Marie Antoinette for a costume ball.


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