Thursday, January 2, 2020

Book Thursday: Coming in January 2020: Élisabeth, princesse à Versailles, Tome 15: Disparition dans le jardins

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Another Élisabeth, princesse à Versailles is on the way! The children's novel series loosely based on the youth of Madame Élisabeth de France has been a surprise hit, with the 15th book in the series set to come out on January 8th, 2020. The book series weaves real events in Élisabeth's life with fictional characters and adventures, allowing young readers to glimpse the life of the real Élisabeth with some added twists.

In this 15th book, Élisabeth witnesses a kidnapping but finds that none of the adults believe her. With her friend Colin, who discovers a coded message at the scene of the crime, Élisabeth attempts to solve the mystery and free the woman she saw being kidnapped.

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