Sunday, September 18, 2016

Samples from Marie Antoinette: La Jeunesse d'une Reine by Fuyumi Soryo

Marie Antoinette: La Jeunesse d’une Reine by Fuyumi Soryo is a new manga published by Kodansha and created with the collaboration of the Chateau de Versailles. The manga will tell the story of Marie Antoinette and features exquisite drawings and historical detail. The French edition of this manga volume will be released in the fall.

Glenat has uploaded some amazing sample panels of the comic. I've posted a select few on this blog, and the rest can be viewed here. 

No word yet on whether the comic will be getting an English translation, but here's to hoping!

 © Fuyumi Soryo / Kodansha Ltd. 

 © Fuyumi Soryo / Kodansha Ltd. 

© Fuyumi Soryo / Kodansha Ltd.

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