Thursday, May 12, 2016

From the Library of Marie Antoinette: Anna, or Memoirs of a Welch Heiress

Today's Book:  Anna, or Memoirs of a Welch Heiress
Title: Anna, or Memoirs of a Welch Heiress (French title: Anna, Ou L'Héritière Galloise)

Author: Anna Maria Bennett (1750-1808)

Publication: First published in English in 1785. Published in France in 1788. Some editions have the book separated into 4 volumes, and other editions are combined into 2 volumes.

Notes: A romantic, somewhat politicized novel about an orphaned heiress named Anna who is courted by various suitors as she attempts to navigate her fortunes; the novel contains allusions to contemporary British topics, particularly the industrialization and despoliation of Wales.

Anna Maria Bennet's books were published under the name Agnès Maria Bennett in French.

Where you can read it: Available on in English (Volume I, Volume II) ; and French (Volume I, Volume II, Volume III, Volume IV; unfortunately I have been unable to find the full French edition online.)

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