Sunday, April 3, 2016

From the Library of Marie Antoinette: Adriene, ou les Aventures de la marquise de **

Today's Book: Adriene, ou les Aventures de la marquise de **

Title: Adriene, ou les Aventures de la marquise de ** (Adrienne, or the Adventure of the marquise de **)

Author: Pietro Chiari; translated by Nicholas de la Grange.

Publication: First published in Italian as La cantatrice per disgrazia in 1754. Published in French in 1768 and again in 1784.

Notes: 'Adrienne' was written in 6 parts, which were published in 2 volumes in French. The author also wrote numerous plays in addition to several other novels. The Prize in the Lottery, published in English in 1817, may be a very abridged English translation; it is roughly half the length of the French edition and there contain textual differences, but it is the only Chiari work that seems to fit the subject. Since I can't compare either French or English editions to the original Italian and be sure it's a translation (however the quality) I won't be adding it to the 'where you can read it' section.

Where you can read it: Both French volumes are available to read online for free on Google Books, in French. Volume I, Volume II. 

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