Thursday, November 21, 2013

Marie Antoinette's Versailles by Cécile Berly

Marie Antoinette's Versailles by Cécile Berly, published in the spring of 2013, is a partial biography told through a focus on Marie Antoinette's own "Versailles," including her rooms at the palace and her private realm at the Trianon.

The three primary sections of the book are "A Dauphin at Versailles," "The Queen in her Palace," and "The Domain of Marie-Antoinette." Each section gives some brief details about Marie Antoinette's life while discussing the various rooms, palaces and gardens inhabited by the queen.

The information in the book is relatively standard, and there wasn't anything that stood out as new or revelatory. However, the photographs and artwork reproductions in the book are numerous, colorful and high quality. A number of the photographs are taken from unique angles that visitors to the grounds will not always get to see, which is a plus. It's also nice to see a book dedicated to Marie Antoinette's 'world' within Versailles, especially the Petit Trianon, which is too often tacked on to the end of Versailles books like an afterthought.

Overall, it's a lovely little book--nothing groundbreaking but I'm glad it has a spot on my shelf. I feel like it would make a great gift for someone who wants a book that focuses on Marie Antoinette and Versailles, or for someone who will be visiting the palace and wants to learn more about Marie Antoinette before they go.

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  1. ♥ I hope, there will be a german version of this book. ♥ Thanks for sharing. Without you I did not know about this book. :]