Thursday, May 20, 2010

Non-Fiction: The French Revolution (Misc Topics)

The Fall of the Monarchy

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette During the Revolution by Nesta Webster *

The second volume of Webster's excellent dual biography of the king and queen before and during the Revolution.

The Fatal Friendship: Marie Antoinette, Count Fersen and the Flight to Varennes
by Stanley Loomis

An account of the relationship of Marie Antoinette and Count Fersen, with a major focus on his role in the plan for the royal family's escape which was fatally cut short in Varennes.

The Road from Versailles: Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and the Fall of the French Monarchy by Munro Price

Munro Price, a specialist on 18th century France, uses memoirs, diaries, and official documents to discuss the true intent of Louis XVI regarding the revolution in France. An exhaustively research study of the diplomatic history of the fall of Louis XVI.

Threshold of Terror: The Last Hours of the Monarchy in the French Revolution by Rodney Allen

A detailed picture of the final hours and collapse of the French monarchy following the attack on the Tuileries Palace on August 10th, 1792.

Traumatic Politics: The Deputies and the King in the Early French Revolution by Barry M. Shapiro

Shapiro addresses a classic question about the failure of constitutional monarchy in France with fresh insights from trauma research - he explores the logic and illogical of political decision making in stressful times.

When the King Took Flight by Timothy Tackett

Tackett skillfully shows how the infamous failed flight of Louis XVI and the royal family, which both destroyed his public image and inspired fear of foreign invasion in France, led to the eventual victory of racialism in revolutionary France.

Women and the French Revolution

Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France (P.S.) by Lucy Moore

The public and private lives of six women in Revolutionary France.

Rebel Daughters: Women and the French Revolution (Publications of the University of California Humanities Research Institute) by Sara E. Melzer and Leslie W. Rabine

A collection of essays examining the important and paradoxical relation between women and the French Revolution.

Women's Rights and the French Revolution
by Sophie Mousset

A biography of Olympe de Gouges, who published "Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the Female Citizen in 1791 and was silenced for her actions.

Women and the Limits of Citizenship in the French Revolution (Donald G. Creighton Lectures) by Olwen H. Hufton

An analysis of the female reaction to revolutionary policy and the male authority's perceptions and misconceptions of women, and how those perceptions limited women in revolutionary society.

The Women of Paris and Their French Revolution (Studies on the History of Society and Culture)
by Dominique Godineau

An illumination account of female revolutionaries, the common women who struggled to live while still finding time to demonstrate, participate in assemblies, and fight for recognition as citizens.

Blood Sisters: The French Revolution in Women's Memory by Marilyn Yalom

A thoughtful, heavily quoted, feminist analysis of the French Revolution.

Women and the Public Sphere in the Age of the French Revolution
by Joan B. Landes

"This is an outstanding scholarly work by a well-respected scholar of Old Regime France and the role of women in history. ... One of the purpose of this book is to explore the power of rhetoric and the (lack of) influence women were able to exert in pre-Revolutionary and Revolutionary France."

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