Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Information Needed

I've been unable to find any real information - reviews, summaries, etc - for these books. Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

Books: (Some might be public domain?)

Marie Antoinette by Katharine Anthony

The personal life of Marie Antoinette / Charles Kunstler ; translated from the French by Margot Robert Adamson

Marie Antoinette : a drama in three acts / by W. Kelly

Marie Antoinette by Francis Bickley

Marie Antoinette, by John E. N. Hearsey

Marie Antoinette by Philippe Huisman and Marguerite Jallut; [translated from the French]

Marie Antoinette by Manuel Komroff and Odette Komroff

Marie Antoinette: The Tragic Queen by Dorothy Moulton Mayer

Farewell Toinette by Bertita Harding

Queen of the Trianon : the story of Marie Antoinette by Iian DB Pilkington

Madame Elisabeth Of France by Yvonne De La Vergne

Louis XVI or The End of a World Bernard Fay

Fear No More by Hester W. Chapman

Kings' Masque by Evan John

Galéries des Modes 1778-1787, edited by Stella Blum

Free/Public Domain Books:

Though for most public domain books, I've been able to read prefaces and skim through to get an idea of their subject, for some I haven't been able to really classify them... If you have any further information about them (editorial descriptions, if you know they are fiction/non-fiction, biographies, etc) I would greatly appreciate anything you can tell me!

The False Chevalier or The Lifeguard of Marie Antoinette by William Douw Lighthall

The Age of Marie Antoinette: A Sketch of the Period of European Revival Which Claims Among Its Representatives: Goethe, Prudhon, Gainsborough, and Mozart by Charles Newton Scott

Marie Antoinette, the queen by Pierre de Nolhac
http://www.archive.org/details/marieantoinetteq00nolhuoft ** I know this is non-fiction, but the Archive.org version cuts off about halfway through the book itself. I'm looking for a full copy!

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