Monday, January 7, 2019

Music Monday: Le Versailles secret de Marie-Antoinette soundtrack by Renaud Barbier

Introducing Music Monday: a day for contemporary music, soundtracks and other tunes related to Marie Antoinette.

Le Versailles Secret de Marie-Antoinette is the latest documentary from Arte focusing on the life and times of Marie Antoinette. The documentary is especially focused on the Petit Trianon, the Queen's Hamlet, and the recent restoration of the Queen's House which brought the deteriorating building back to its former charm.

One of the most underrated aspects of any documentary is the score. For Le Versailles Secret de Marie-Antoinette, Arte commissioned Renaud Barbier to create a completely original soundtrack. The soundtrack is beautiful and varied--at times dainty and light, others haunting and moving; but always evocative of Marie Antoinette and the private world she cultivated at Trianon.

The soundtrack can currently be listened to as a whole on YouTube or purchased as an MP3 album on Amazon.

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